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Blood of Innocents


3.Blood of Innocents
Bring 5 Vials of Innocent Blood to Apothecary Lydon in Tarren Mill.
Vial of Innocent Blood (5)


I will create a toxin to bleed the violence from the Venture Company, rendering them weak and docile. That should fix the Horde's problem in Stonetalon, yes?

But to create the toxin, I will need the blood of innocents, a difficult ingredient to obtain.

Fortunately the Syndicate, a group of human brigands in this area, employ shadow mages... and those mages collect innocent blood for their own, unsavory purposes.

You can find the Syndicate shadow mages in Durnholde Keep to the southeast.


Did you find the Syndicate Shadow Mages, and collect from them the bl


Very good! I trust the Syndicate gave you little trouble?

As I mentioned, the blood of innocents is not an easy thing to obtain. We are lucky the Syndicate shadow mages did the difficult work for us.

Now hold a moment while I create my concoction...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 190 experience (11 40 at max. level)

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