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To Rule The Skies


Collect Dragon Teeth.
Dragon Teeth
Suggested Players [5]


As ye've flown around, ye must have noticed the dragons above. I trust ye haven't fallen victim ta their rage. Help us put an end ta it, <name>!

Rivendark and Obsidia lord over this terrace, while Insidion and Furywing rule the skies over yon terrace ta the northeast. Each has a perch on their respective domains. I be wondering if ye and yer friends will go ta one, lad , break open an egg and attract the dragon down.

Bring me some teeth as proof. Ta rule the skies, it's either them or us.


Also, you get: 13 20


How fares yer mission, <name>? I needn't tell ye how important this be ta our continued ability ta fly around up here.


Yes! Those teeth look like they be sharp enough ta cut through just about anything!

And let me encourage ye and yer friends ta keep up the good work! Those dragons be fierce predators that make the skies wholly unsafe.

Ye might have noticed, too, the dragon scales. I hear they be good fer making powerful cloaks if ye get one o' each o' their scales. And if yer not happy with the cloak ya get, I'll be willing ta trade ye an apexis crystal fer it.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 1900 experience (1 14 at max. level)

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