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Arms of the Grimtotems


Captain Darill at North Point Tower wants you to bring him 7 Blackhoof Armaments.
Blackhoof Armaments (7)


If the equipment you found at the ruins of the inn belonged to a Grimtotem attack party, there's likely to be more just like it within their camp to the northwest.

We haven't been able to gather much information about Blackhoof Village, but judging from the size of the raiding parties, there's a substantial force based there.

Do whatever you have to to capture some of their equipment so that we can compare it with your findings from the inn.


You can choose one of these awards:
Glowing Tourmaline Ring Bone Dirk Biting Axe
Also, you get: 45


Did you get those weapons from Blackhoof Village?


<Captain Darill inspects the armaments you've brought from Blackhoof Village.>

There's no doubt about it. These match the description exactly, but there's just one problem -- these have never been used in battle. Blackhoof Village must not be the only Grimtotem post in the marsh.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 390 experience (23 40 at max. level)

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