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Where is Explorer Jaren?


Overseer Irena Stonemantle has asked you to locate her fiance, Explorer Jaren.


<name>, my betrothed, Jaren, went west with a small group of explorers to check into rumors of artifacts on the Chillmere Coast. But there are murloc down there, and I fear the worst has befallen them.

Surely you have time to see if they're alright? There's a way down to the beach just to the southwest, though watch out for the worgs and other things lurking in the woods.


<The explorer beams a smile as you tell him who sent you. He continues in hushed tones.>

Irena was concerned about me? She gets that from her father you know.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 400 experience (24 at max. level)

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