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Iron Rune Constructs and You: The Bluff


  • Level: 71
  • Requires level: 68
  • Side: Alliance
  • Start: Walt
  • End: Walt
  • Not sharable
  • Difficulty: 68  69  73  78
3.Iron Rune Constructs and You: The Bluff
Walt at the Explorers' League Outpost in the Howling Fjord wants you to use the Iron Rune Construct's Bluff ability on Lebronski after you've walked on his rug.

Dismiss your construct by dismissing it from the pet window once you have completed the quest.
Lebronski Bluffed


You always gotta have a contingency plan in case your main plan backfires! That's why I've built in some anti-intelligence systems into the construct.

Your shiny new ride might rouse some suspicion while you're at Baelgun's excavation site. That's what your bluff ability is for! Just use that any time you're confronted and you'll be safe from harm.

Test it out on Lebronski by walking on his rug. Once he starts huffin' and puffin', use the bluff!

Get on the work bench when you're ready to begin.


Don't worry about him, <name>. He'll get over it...


You showed him! Now it's time to put you in the field.

Feeling confident, I hope...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 400 experience (24 at max. level)

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