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Let Nothing Go To Waste


2.Let Nothing Go To Waste
Retrieve 6 Stolen Moa'ki Goods from the wolvar. Return them to Elder Ko'nani at Moa'ki Harbor.
Stolen Moa'ki Goods (6)


The wolvar have always been our natural enemies. But the incursion of your peoples into the Great Dragonblight has forced them into a small space upon the glade to the north.

Combined with the land's upheaval this morning, they have become even more aggressive than ever before. They have made several raids upon our goods... things that we'll need if we are to survive the trek from our home here.

As a sign of good faith and friendship, retrieve our goods from the Snowfall Glade wolvar.


Also, you get: 5


The natural balance has been tipped over and over of late.

I hope that you will be able to help us survive the upheaval of our way of life.


I will not say that I am pleased to ask you to do such things on our behalf. It is all we can do to prepare quickly for our departure, though we know not yet where we go.

My sorcerers tell me that you are here to save the land from He Who Walks in Shadow.

I trust that you will save the peoples of the land as well.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 8100 experience (4 86 at max. level)

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