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Last Rites


  • Level: 72
  • Requires level: 68
  • Type: Group
  • Side: Alliance
  • Start: Thassarian
  • Sharable
  • Difficulty: 68  69  73  78
4.Last Rites
Go to the Temple City of En'kilah and find the teleportation orb beneath the floating Scourge citadel of Naxxanar. Use it to reach the top and help Thassarian there.
Last Rites
Suggested Players [3]


I served Arthas in death, because I had no choice. He had control over my will and my body. The Cult of the Damned serves Arthas in life... willingly.

Now that we know the words of power to enter Naxxanar we can put an end to the cultist blight. Go to En'kilah and look for the teleportation orb beneath the floating citadel.

Work your way up and meet me at the top. Arm yourself with what courage you can, we might not make it out of this alive.


You can choose one of these awards:
Borean Smasher Axe of Frozen Death Staff of the Purposeful Mendicant Fury of the Raging Dragon Fang of the Desolate Soul Tower of the Infinite Mind
Also, you get: 15


Hail, <name>.


You did well, <name>. I was hoping to leave my sister out of all this. Thanks to you she is alive and well.

My obligations to my king and my army have been fulfilled. It is clear I'm not welcome among my comrades anymore. I will have to find my own way, fighting no wars but my own and following no orders but my heart's.

Perhaps we shall meet again, <class>. Until then, take this as a token of my gratitude.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 12200 experience (7 32 at max. level)

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