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Message from the West


Read the Letter from Saurfang and then destroy it.

Speak to Messenger Torvus once you have completed this task.
Letter from Saurfang read and destroyed
Provided Item:
Letter from Saurfang


<Torvus shakes your hand, giving you a letter in the process.>

<Torvus speaks under his breath.>

Just play along, <name>.

It is good to see you here, soldier! Lord Hellscream has undoubtedly sent his strongest warriors to Lord Agmar!

<Torvus speaks under his breath.>

Read it and then destroy it in the fire pot next to me.


We will crush the Scourge!


<Torvus nods at you.>

So we are understood? I will return to my lord and tell him that you have accepted.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 6100 experience (3 66 at max. level)

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