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Worm Wrangler


  • Level: 74
  • Requires level: 72
  • Side: Both
  • Start: Zort
  • End: Zort
  • Not sharable
  • Difficulty: 72  77  82
Enter the caverns in Crystal Vice and trap 3 Jormungar Spawn inside sturdy crates. Be sure to pick the crates up after the Jormungar Spawn are trapped inside!

Bring the captured Jormungar Spawn back to Zort in the Crystal Vice.
Captured Jormungar Spawn (3)
Provided Item:
Sturdy Crates


So be it. If the giants will not come to our aid, perhaps we can make use of these worms. There are sure to be some spawn with their brood mother in the cavern below. Take this box and capture 3 of their spawn and bring them to me.

Where diplomacy fails, enslaving is a perfectly viable alternative.


Also, you get: 5 60


You've returned! Do you have the beasts? I need to get out of here... I'm pretty sure Ko'char tried to step on me a few minutes ago.


These will do nicely. Perhaps after I grow these beasts to full size, I will bring them back and introduce them to the giants personally.

Bunch of useless rocks if you ask me.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 16600 experience (9 96 at max. level)

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