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Strengthen the Ancients


Use the Bark of the Walkers to strengthen 3 Lothalor Ancients and then return to Earthwarden Grife at Agmar's Hammer.
Lothalor Ancient strengthened (3)


The ancients of the Lothalor Woods to the south are being corrupted by arcane wyrms... wyrms which have risen out of the ground!

Those that are already corrupted are deadly and of no use to us, but most can still be saved. Luckily, the treants of the woods seem to be immune to everything happening up there.

Ask the treants for their bark and when you get some, feed it to the ancients. This should strengthen them.

Now leave me to my business! I have to keep an eye on these apothecaries.


You can choose one of these awards:
Bracers of Nature's Fury Lothalar Woodwalker Belt Star's Rest Treads Bark Covered Pauldrons
Also, you get: 5


If we can save the ancients before the dryads and night elves of Stars' Rest, perhaps they will consider allying with the Horde.

Or at least, perhaps they'll think twice about attacking us.

Now, how many have you managed to save so far?


You have my thanks, <class>.

As soon as I am done observing what these disgusting apothecaries are up to, I'll head to the woods and see if I can convince these ancients to side with us.

Or, if nothing else, I'll convince them not to attack those that saved them!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 8100 experience (4 86 at max. level)

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