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Smash the Pumpkin


Give the Scorched Holy Symbol to the Masked Orphan Matron.
Scorched Holy Symbol
Provided Item:
Scorched Holy Symbol


This large jack-o'-lantern rests in the middle of the village. It eyes those who look upon it, betraying a dark menace within.

Smashing the pumpking reveals an old, scorched holy symbol.


Yes, <name>?


You found this inside the Headless Horseman's jack-o-lantern? It is an old symbol of the Light. If must have been the Horseman's, before he was cursed and turned into the monster he is today. Thank you, <name>. This symbol deserves to be with paladins. I will make sure they get it.

Oh, and I almost forgot! You have a secret admirer...

One of the children wanted you to have this. She was too shy to give it to you herself.

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