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The Plume of Alystros


2.The Plume of Alystros
Nishera the Garden Keeper at the Emerald Dragonshrine has asked you to acquire The Plume of Alystros.
The Plume of Alystros
Suggested Players [3]
Provided Item:
Skytalon Molts


I can feel that the shrine is not completely back in balance. The verdant keeper has been angered by our actions, and I sense that he will not listen to reason.

Alystros is an immense skytalon who perches at the south end of the Emerald Dragonshrine. It is he who is in charge of the dragonshrine's aerial defenses. I fear that we will have to deal with him.

Take these skytalon molts and place them on the ground where he can see them. He will come. Bring me his plume.


You can choose one of these awards:
Alystros's Plume Cinch Ancient Dreamer's Leggings Verdant Linked Boots Belt of the Emerald Guardian
Also, you get: 11 20


Have you managed to deal with Alystros? Do not be afraid to ask your friends for assistance.

In fact, given that the verdant keeper is very powerful, I recommend it!


Do not weep for Alystros. He has dedicated his eternal life to the defense of the Emerald Dragonshrine and will be reborn.

Hopefully when he returns to us, he will not be gripped with the confusion of the Emerald Nightmare that seems to have taken hold of The Dreamer.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 20750 experience (12 45 at max. level)

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