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The Hills Have Us


Report to Lieutenant Dumont at Amberpine Lodge in western Grizzly Hills.


While we focus to hold our ground at Wintergarde and deal with the unfolding events of the Wrathgate, battalions from as far away as Westfall battle their way through the dense foliage and inhospitable denizens of Grizzly Hills. All in hopes of finding an alternate route into Icecrown.

Lieutenant Dumont, stationed at Amberpine Lodge, has enlisted the aid of able bodied citizens willing to risk life and limb in the uncharted wilds. Will you rise to meet this challenge?


You were almost shot down, eh? Savage monsters - those Horde.

Payback will come for what they've done. You can count on at least that much, <class>.

Now, it's time to put you to work.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 3100 experience (1 86 at max. level)

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