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A Tangled Skein


Specialist Cogwheel at Drak'Sotra has asked you to use the Tangled Skein Thrower in order to cause the destruction of 5 Plague Sprayers.
Plague Sprayers webbed and destroyed (5)
Provided Item:
Tangled Skein Thrower


There! One tangled skein thrower ready and waiting for you to take those plague sprayers down.

You just aim and let loose. The webbing should foul up their hover spells long enough to cause them to crash to the ground just like Kolramas.

Kind of poetic. I like that!


You can choose one of these awards:
Blade of Diligence Knife of the Dutybound Cleaver of Diligence Staff of the Dutybound Dutybound Mace of Purity Staff of Diligence
Also, you get: 6 20


You sure you brought down enough of those things? Do I look like I want the plague?!


Yay! You're the best, <name>!

I wasn't looking forward to being sprayed with Scourge stuff, that's for sure! I guess it's going to be hard for those stupid nerubians to spread their evil now!

How about I give you a little something for saving my skin?


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 21150 experience (12 69 at max. level)

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