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From Their Corpses, Rise!


Setaal Darkmender at Death's Rise has given you the Darkmender's Tincture. Apply it to the corpses of 10 of any of the Scarlet Onslaught units found at Onslaught Harbor.
Scarlet Onslaught corpse transformed (10)
Provided Item:
Darkmender's Tincture


How kind... how generous our lord-commander is. Where he is flowers and sunshine, I am filled only with hatred.

It is not enough to end their miserable lives... I want them humiliated... debased!

What could be more unspeakable than to be turned into that which you hate? To dedicate your existence to eradicating a thing, and then in the end to become it?

How sad.

Take this tincture northwest to Onslaught Harbor. Apply it to their still corpses and watch what happens, but avoid the cathedral.


Also, you get: 74


Surely you're not done so soon?


<The draenei death knight fixes you with a cold stare, her eyes dead as the grave. A sly grin creeps across her features.>

I'll have more of the tincture prepared tomorrow. Until then, be well.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 2205 experience (1 32 30 at max. level)

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