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The Black Knight's Orders


5.The Black Knight's Orders
Use the Enchanted Bridle to gain control of the Black Knight's Gryphon and ride it to its destination. Once you have arrived, recover the Stolen Tournament Invitation and the Black Knight's Orders and bring them to Crusader Rhydalla at the Argent Tournament Grounds.
Black Knight's Gryphon taken
Stolen Tournament Invitation
Black Knight's Orders
Provided Item:
Enchanted Bridle


We must discover who sent the Black Knight to the tournament and what his master hopes to gain by killing the competitors.

The Kirin Tor has offered to help in this matter and provided us with something to help our search.

Take this enchanted bridle to the Black Knight's camp on the eastern edge of the tournament grounds and use it to gain control over the Black Knight's gryphon. The bridle's magic will force the gryphon to take you to his master's home. Search it and return with anything you find.


Also, you get: 7 40


<Crusader Rhydalla's face pales as she reads the orders.>

This can only mean one thing, <name>. The Black Knight is a member of the Cult of the Damned and has been sent by Arthas to disrupt the tournament!

The Black Knight has proven himself a fearsome combatant, and you will need to be every bit as good if you wish to face him. When you are a champion, return to me and we'll find a way to ensure his defeat.

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