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Hearts of the Pure


3.Hearts of the Pure
Require One of
Bring the hearts of Dalin Forgewright and Comar Villard to Carendin Halgar in the Temple of the Damned.
Dalin's Heart
Comar's Heart


Men of honor and goodness? Does such a man exist?

It took much research, but through bits of overheard stories, I managed to find two men that should do.

The first is Dalin Forgewright, who has dedicated himself to the care of the Lordaeron refugees, whom are refused by their kin at the Greymane Wall.

The other is Comar Villard, a man who remains faithful to his lost love, wandering the Wetlands for a sign of his wife.

Deliver their hearts to Carendin. But first, let me show you your quarry.


I have been pleasantly surprised by the speed of your progress so far, <name>. Bring me the hearts and you will impress me once again.


The heart of a goodly man seems much the same as any, when you see it like this, don't you think?

Perhaps we possess something of a... different... view on the subject. These will do, though. I have no doubt that a succubus would be attracted by their purity.

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