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Call of Earth


1.Call of Earth
Bring 2 Felstalker Hooves to Canaga Earthcaller in the Valley of Trials.
Felstalker Hoof (2)


The time is now, young <class>. You've grown strong and your spirit endures like the earth. Following the shaman's path shows you have wisdom before even proving yourself.

The element of earth will guide your destiny, becoming part of you if you are ready. But you must stand before the earth itself. If you are ready, then you will see things only shaman know of.

Seek out the Felstalkers to the north, and take from them two of their hooves. Return to me then, and we shall speak more of your future.


Patience is earth's greatest virtue. The earth witnesses the cycle of all things: the mountains becoming deserts; rivers becoming canyons. The earth is the most stubborn and wise of all the elements and it does not tolerate impatience.

The earth beckons you now because a time of conflict draws near. When you return to me successful, then you shall be that much closer to being made whole.

Others will be envious of your wisdom and hate you for their ignorance.


Excellent. Your success shows that you are prepared.

Of all the elements, earth represents the foundation of all things. It is your strength, your stamina, and your patience. Earth will protect you, but only if shown the proper respect. Like the other elements, even earth can be fickle. Earth is the basis for life, and by observing its laws, you will gain greater wisdom. Never forget the secrets earth shares with you.

I shall make a sapta for you now, and by accepting it, you will realize your path.

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