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Iron Coral


2.Iron Coral
Bring 20 loads of Searing Coral to Klockmort Spannerspan in Ironforge.
Searing Coral (20)


I want to try Furen Longbeard's new techniques on my own piece of armor. And because you helped Furen and he helped me, you're welcome to the armor after I make it!

To finish the piece, I need a special coral, searing coral. It grows in only one place--along the coast south of Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands.

Bring me enough searing coral and I'll get right to work on the armor. And hurry, <name>. I'm so eager to get started it's making my toes twist!


Hello hello, <name>! Do you have the searing coral? I can't wait to get to work!


That's the stuff! Well done! Now let me get this smelted and hammered so I can apply Furen's technique with my own and then we can see what happens!

Oh my, oh my! I just know the armor will be very very very tough!

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