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The Platinum Discs


1.The Platinum Discs
Take the miniature version of the Discs of Norgannon to the one of the sages in Thunder Bluff.
Miniature Platinum Discs
Provided Item:
Miniature Platinum Discs


Touching the Discs of Norgannon once again makes your hand tingle. This time, however, a strange grinding noise is heard from inside the discs.

Your backpack suddenly becomes heavier than it was before. Inside, you discover a miniature version of the discs!

No doubt, an item of this sort would be invaluable for someone interested in the ancient history of Azeroth. The sages of Thunder Bluff are such historians, known throughout the Horde; perhaps they can make good use of it.


Yes young one, I see you marching into my tent with intensity in your stride... with determination in your purpose. You seek my counsel is some matter of grave importance to the Horde? Perhaps you wish a mystery of the universe revealed to you?


What are these here then?

Impressive, young one! These discs, in them I sense secrets that the earth has held on to tightly for many years. You were very wise to bring them here to me.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 750 experience (45 at max. level)

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