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Well of Corruption


2.Well of Corruption
Collect a sample of corrupted water from the Jadefire Satyrs' moonwell and bring it to Winna Hazzard at Bloodvenom Post.
Filled Flasket
Provided Item:
Hardened Flasket


Some may say that I am exceptionally cruel... But truly, it is only a strong desire to see the Horde gain an advantage against the Alliance, in any way possible.

My newest interest is a moonwell at the Ruins of Constellas, south of here, tended by the Jadefire satyrs. The moonwell, once a symbol of renewal for the insufferable night elves, is now corrupted, and used to bring forth more satyrs.

I have an idea, <name>, and I'd like a sample of the water... for my little feline friend here.


This is of utmost importance. Be on your way, now.


Very well. We must find a way to use this corruption against our enemies...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 800 experience (48 at max. level)

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