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Scarlet Diversions


2.Scarlet Diversions
Require One of
Proceed to the Scarlet Crusade's base camp between Felstone Field and Dalson's Tears and destroy their command tent.

Place the Scourge banner at the camp, and then return to High Executor Derrington at the Bulwark, Western Plaguelands.
Destroy the command tent and plant the Scourge banner in the camp
Provided Item:
Scourge Banner


Before Andorhal, we must tackle the advancing Scarlet Crusade menace from Hearthglen. They've made camp between Felstone Field and Dalson's Tears, making us risk conflict against both the Scourge and the Crusade at once.

My plan is to play them off of each other by sending you to destroy the command tent they've set up; use some Flame in a Bottle from this box of incendiaries. Once razed, plant this Scourge banner by the tent. With some luck, they'll ignore us and focus on the Scourge for vengeance.


Also, you get: 80


Finely executed, <name>. Your attack on the Scarlet Crusade will buy us time. I have sent one of my best scouts out to watch over the camp and make sure that the Crusade forces that come to reinforce the position will take the bait.

With the pressure on us lessened, we should now finally be able to risk a mission into Andorhal itself, and an important one at that. I'd very much like it if you'd perform this one as well, based on your success to date.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 750 experience (45 at max. level)

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