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Tribal Leatherworking


Closes Quests
Bring a Wild Leather Vest and a Wild Leather Helmet to Caryssia Moonhunter in Feralas.

Completing this quest will give you access to the Tribal Leatherworking arts.

The completion of this quest will prevent you from learning Dragonscale Leatherworking and Elemental Leatherworking; be sure this is the path you wish to follow before doing so.
Wild Leather Vest
Wild Leather Helmet


To learn tribal leatherworking demands an understanding of how primal nature truly is; I know that you have already mastered the art of making wild leather armor, and I am willing to complete your training.

Know this, <class>: by choosing this path you agree never to learn dragonscale or elemental leatherworking; there is only room for practice of one of the three arts. Furthermore, bring to me the finest samples of your wild leather armor. From there, we will begin your mastery.


The following spell will be cast on you:
Tribal Leatherworking


Nature is a force that must be appeased before you hope to learn how to bend its will into your leather garments. Bring me your offering to this force, and I will make sure you are heard.


You've given your finest offerings, and nature will soon permit you to bend her to your will. Once I have finished my tutelage, your work will be a force of nature unto itself.

To train in the art for the future, simply speak to me and I will make available any knowledge that you have yet to commit as yours.

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