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The Gordok Ogre Suit


1.The Gordok Ogre Suit
Bring 4 Bolts of Runecloth, 8 Rugged Leather, 2 Rune Threads, and Ogre Tannin to Knot Thimblejack. He is currently chained inside the Gordok wing of Dire Maul.
Bolt of Runecloth (4)
Rugged Leather (8)
Rune Thread (2)
Ogre Tannin


If you're going to fight the king of this dump - and I think that's what you're bound to do - then you're going to need to get by Captain Kromcrush. Now, you can get by him by killing him, sure. You might actually want to leave him alive.

How, you ask? Since I've been here, I think I know how to make an ogre suit that will last just long enough to fool these bozos. The only problem is stability - ten minutes tops. Bring me what I need, and I'll make you one. I'm not going anywhere...


You will receive:
Gordok Ogre Suit


The Ogre Tannin is probably the toughest thing to find for what I need to make the suit - I think they have some upstairs? It's hard to tell, since this ball and chain doesn't make movement that easy to do...

Anyway, bring me the things I need, and I'll whip you up an ogre suit that will fool Captain Kromcrush into thinking you're one of his men.


Yeah, this will do the trick. Just a slip here, and tuck here... heh - this is going to work out just fine! <A broad smile beams from the chained goblin's face.>

Here you go, you're all set. Remember- this isn't the most securely fashioned item in the world. You'll have ten minutes of use before it falls apart, and then you're not going to fool anybody! Try using it just before you approach him, and remember... it only will make him think that YOU are an ally - not your group mates!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 950 experience (57 at max. level)

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