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Kodo Roundup


Bring five Tamed Kodos and the Kodo Kombobulator back to Smeed Scrabblescrew at Scrabblescrew's Camp.
Kodos Tamed (5)
Kodo Kombobulator
Provided Item:
Kodo Kombobulator


Bibbly thinks he is the only goblin in Desolace who knows how to make money. Well, the only caravan brave enough to travel these parts relies on me. Ever since I learned how to rejuvenate and control aged and dying kodos with my kodo kombobulator, the caravan owner Cork, Rigger, and I entered a partnership.

Take the kombobulator and use it on any ancient, aged, or dying kodos; it will jolt the beast into a tamed kodo and force it to follow you. Once you have a kodo tamed, bring it back to me.


You can choose one of these awards:
Kodo Rustler Boots Wrangling Spaulders


The caravan will be here shortly; do you have the five new tamed kodos I was asking for?


<Smeed Scrabblescrew begins counting.>

Three, four, and five... excellent, I ask for five tamed kodos and I get five tamed kodos... I am going to be rich... yes, very rich! I hope to see the look on Bibbly's green face when he hears about my success!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 230 experience (13 80 at max. level)

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