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Portals of the Legion


2.Portals of the Legion
Banish 6 Portals at Mannoroc Coven and return to Taiga Wisemane at Shadowprey Village.
Portals Banished (6) [Hand of Iruxos]
Hand of Iruxos
Provided Item:
Hand of Iruxos


Behold - the Hand of Iruxos. A gruesome sight indeed.

You must possess it if the demon portals at Mannoroc Coven are to be banished... which is what I now ask you to do. The Demon threat is increasing and we must close these portals to stem the tide of demons to this world. Good luck, <name>... and be wary of the portal guardians.


You can choose one of these awards:
Gripsteel Wristguards Braidfur Gloves
Also, you get: 45


Have you banished the demon portals at Mannoroc Coven?


You are to be commended, <name>. Your effort has helped greatly in fighting the demon threat, and all of Azeroth is safer because of it.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 490 experience (29 40 at max. level)

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