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Slaying the Beast


Enter Ragefire Chasm and slay Taragaman the Hungerer, then bring his heart back to Neeru Fireblade in Orgrimmar.
Taragaman the Hungerer's Heart


The primary task set upon me by our great Warchief is to root out the creatures responsible for infesting our lord's great city with demonic influence. The Burning Blade is one threat, but there are others; the Searing Blade for instance, who make their home in Ragefire Chasm, secretly attempting to subvert innocent members of the Horde.

If they are to be stopped, then their leader must be slain--a Felguard named Taragaman the Hungerer.

Kill him, and his heart will appease Thrall, of this I'm sure.


Also, you get: 8


Have you killed the beast? He surely must be the leader of the Searing Blade in Ragefire Chasm.


Ha! You've done it! Thrall will be so pleased.

I will ensure this heart is taken care of properly.

For now though, you must celebrate your victory. I will inform Thrall of your success.

Thank you for your aid, <class>.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 180 experience (10 80 at max. level)

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