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Manna-Enriched Horse Feed


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Retrieve 20 Enriched Manna Biscuits - the key ingredient in making Manna-Enriched Horse Feed - for Merideth Carlson at Southshore in the Hillsbrad Foothills. The Argent Dawn is known as the sole purveyor of the biscuits.

You also need to give her 50 gold to soothe her ruffled sensibilities.
Enriched Manna Biscuit (20)
Required Money: 50


The Silver Hand thought me MAD when I told them that I could make a special horse feed that could nourish spiritual horses. EVERYONE thought I was mad! Well, now it's payback time!

I'll make what you need, PALADIN... so-called CHAMPION... but it will cost you. I need special biscuits - Enriched Manna Biscuits sold only by the Argent Dawn - for this blend. I also demand, yes DEMAND gold as compensation for the misery I have endured!

Show me the sacrifice you tout so much, PALADIN.


You will receive:
Manna-Enriched Horse Feed


Yes, I've proved you wrong now, haven't I? I've proved them all wrong! I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG!!!


YES, NOW WHO - wait - you're giving me the gold too? You weren't the one who called me mad (actually they called me a fruitcake nut-job)... still, you're willing to show sacrifice even for wrongs you've not committed?

I... I misjudged you, <name>. Should you need more horse feed, come see me. I will give it to you free of charge. Thank you... noble <class>.

I am going to keep the money though - I'm not that much of a nut-job as to give up a fortune.

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