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The Only Prescription


4.The Only Prescription
Additional requirements to obtain this quest:
Recover the 8 lost chapters of Draconic for Dummies and combine them with the Magical Book Binding and return the completed book of Draconic for Dummies: Volume II to Narain Soothfancy in Tanaris.
Draconic For Dummies: Volume II
Provided Item:
Magical Book Binding


I should have known. My arch-enemy, Doctor Weavil, up to his old tricks! And now, thanks to your failure in Winterspring, Doctor Weavil has destroyed my book! How are you going to save the world now, hero?

The note I received stated that the only known copy of "Draconic for Dummies: Volume II" was ripped into 8 parts and scattered to the wind! If you somehow manage to find those missing chapters, use this magical binding to put them back together and return to me.


You will receive:
Gnomish Turban of Psychic Might


I put my pants on just like you - one leg at a time. Except when my pants are on, I make arcanite buoys. Arcanite buoys, baby!


Fantastic! I can't believe you went through the hassle! Are you some kind of machine? If it were me, I would have probably just let the world implode.

I tip my turban to you, sir. And no good deed should go unrewarded.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 950 experience (57 at max. level)

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