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Tomb of the Lightbringer


2.Tomb of the Lightbringer
Escort Anchorite Truuen to Uther's Tomb in the Western Plaguelands. Afterward, speak with High Priestess MacDonnell at Chillwind Camp in the Western Plaguelands.
Escort Anchorite Truuen to Uther's Tomb
Suggested Players [2]


Now that you've recovered the Mark of the Lightbringer, all that is left is to return it to Uther's Tomb.

Would you be willing to accompany me there to do this? It's not far and I would enjoy your company. Afterward you can come back here and relate the experience to High Priestess MacDonnell.

What say you, <name>?


Also, you get: 1 75


Aren't you supposed to be walking to Uther's Tomb with Anchorite Truuen?


The Lightbringer appeared before you? That is amazing! And you made it all possible through your selfless help to the anchorite.

If even half of the stories are to be believed, Uther was a great man. And, like him, you are a true hero to all of the good people of Azeroth, <name>!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 1150 experience (69 at max. level)

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