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Artifacts of the Blacksilt


Bring 3 Crude Murloc Idols and 6 Crude Murloc Knives to Clopper Wizbang, who is hiding in a beached turtle shell.
Crude Murloc Idol (3)
Crude Murloc Knife (6)


My observations and writings about the Blacksilt murlocs are quite illuminating, <name>, but they are just the beginning. I plan to return to Ironforge with items produced by the Blacksilts' rudimentary crafting skills.

The problem is that the Blacksilt carry these items with them at all times, and I can't have their blood on my conscience. If you're willing to help me gather the idols carried by Blacksilt seers and crude knives of the Blacksilt warriors and shorestrikers, I won't ask how you came by them.


You will receive:
Weathered Treasure Map
Also, you get: 9


Do you have those samples for me to send back to Ironforge?


Astounding, simply astounding! These are perfect, <name>. I can already see them under the glass in the museum in Ironforge. The text for the display is virtually writing itself in my head!

Your help has been invaluable in getting my studies back on track. How do you spell your name? I'll make sure it appears in my report as co-author.

One of the chaps on the ship gave me this 'treasure map' to cover a gambling debt, but mythology isn't my area of study. Superstitious lot, sailors.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 130 experience (7 80 at max. level)

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