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Help Tavara


  • Requires level: 5
  • Side: Draenei
  • Start: Guvan
  • End: Guvan
  • Not sharable
Guvan at Azure Watch wants you to find Tavara and heal her wounds.
Heal Tavara


Tavara, one of our herbalists, has been gone far too long in her search for herbs. I fear she is hurt and in need of help, yet I cannot look for her myself.

Please find her and lend your healing if needed, fellow <class>. She was heading east towards some hot springs when she left Azure Watch.


You will receive:
Azure Watch Robes


Have you found Tavara?


Thank you for helping Tavara. So many are unfamiliar with these lands and find trouble where they least expect.

It would honor me if you were to wear these robes. They mark you as one of the protectors of Azure Watch and a devout follower of the Light.

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