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Paladin Training


1.Paladin Training
Speak with Jesthenis Sunstriker - the Paladin class trainer - inside the Sunspire on Sunstrider Isle.


As you advance within your class, you will want to take advantage of the training that your class trainer can provide you. For young paladins here on Sunstrider Isle, your trainer is Jesthenis Sunstriker. Speak with Jesthenis and see what training he has available for you. The things he will teach do have a cost, so bring some coin with you.

Your trainer - as with all the trainers on Sunstrider Isle - is inside the Sunspire on the lower level.


I see the pride swelling in your chest. Already you fancy yourself one of the Blood Knights. In time. you will earn your place among us. But first you must learn to harness and master the powers of the Light, hone your skills at arms, and prove your worthiness. You must be prepared to endure the derision, fear, and revulsion of those you're sworn to defend. So it is among those who can't comprehend the price of the great power that safeguards them. Keep your head high and your blade at the ready, <name>.


I am heartened by your initiative to speak with me. In the past I was responsible for the training of young paladins as they entered our order. This is a duty and privilege that I humbly take up once more. Your name has been mentioned as one who seeks to do good in the name of the Light. It would be my honor to guide you in your first steps as a <class>.

Shall we begin?

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