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Malady of the Mind


Malady of the Mind
1.5 sec cast
Inflicts 5000 Shadow damage and causes the enemy target to run in horror for 4 sec, then attempts to jump to another enemy within 10 yds. Also reduces Sanity by 3%.


Malady of the Mind
Horrified. This effect will attempt to jump to a nearby friend when removed.
4 sec remaining


Duration 4 sec
School Shadow
Dispel type
Global Cooldown
Cost None
Range 0 yards (Self Only)
Cast time 1.5 seconds
Level: 80
Effect #1 School Damage (Shadow)
Value: 5000
Radius: 50000 yards
Effect #2 Apply Aura: Mod Fear
Value: 63988
Radius: 50000 yards
Effect #3 Script Effect
Value: 65201
Radius: 50000 yards

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