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Contagion of Rot


Contagion of Rot
5 yd range
Increases the time betwen an enemy's attacks by 33% and its casting by 25%, as well as adding 5% chance to spread the contagion to an ally when hit. Lasts 4 min.


Contagion of RotDisease
Time between attacks increased by 33%. Casting speed reduced by 25%. 5% chance to spread contagion to allies when hit.
4 min remaining


Duration 4 min
School Shadow
Dispel type Disease
Global Cooldown
Cost None
Range 5 yards (Combat Range)
Cast time Instant
Level: 22
Effect #1 Apply Aura: Haste - Melee
Value: -33
Effect #2 Apply Aura: Haste - Spells
Value: -25
Effect #3 Apply Aura: Proc Trigger Spell
Contagion of Rot

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