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Necrotic Plague


Necrotic Plague
50000 yd range
Infests the target with a deadly plague, causing 100000 Shadow damage every 5 sec for 15 sec. If the target dies while afflicted or the effect ends, this effect will gain an additional stack and jump to a nearby unit. If this effect is dispeled, it will lose a stack and jump to a nearby unit. Whenever this effect jumps, The Lich King's power will increase.


Necrotic PlagueDisease
Deals 100000 Shadow damage every 5 sec. Jumps to nearby target when removed or host dies.
15 sec remaining


Duration 15 sec
School Shadow
Dispel type Disease
Global Cooldown
Cost None
Range 50000 yards (Anywhere)
Cast time Instant
Level: 83
Effect #1 Apply Aura: Periodic Damage
Value: 100000
Interval: 5 seconds

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