Wrath of the Lich King World of Warcraft Database
Gruul's Lair


  • Points: 10
  • Side: Both
Defeat Gruul the Dragonkiller in Gruul's Lair.


Gruul the Dragonkiller
Aldori Legacy Defender
Bloodmaw Magus-Blade
Cowl of Nature's Breath
Eye of Gruul
Gauntlets of the Dragonslayer
Shuriken of Negation
Windshear Boots
Cyclone Legguards
Justicar Greaves
Justicar Legguards
Britches of Malorne
Legguards of Malorne
Trousers of the Incarnate
Warbringer Legguards
Legwraps of the Aldor
Earthen Signet
The Cudgel of Kar'desh
Axe of the Gronn Lords
Collar of Cho'gall
Dragonspine Trophy
Gauntlets of Martial Perfection
Gronn-Stitched Girdle
Teeth of Gruul
Cyclone Kilt
Cyclone War-Kilt
Justicar Leggings
Netherblade Breeches
Greaves of Malorne
Leggings of the Incarnate
Warbringer Greaves
Demon Stalker Greaves
Voidheart Leggings

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