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Shards of Ahune


Bring the Ice Shards to Luma Skymother.
Shards of Ahune
Provided Item:
Shards of Ahune


These shards pulse with foreboding. Do they hold the last essence of the Frost Lord?


You can choose one of these awards:
Tabard of Summer Skies Tabard of Summer Flames
You will receive:
Burning Blossom
Also, you get: 7 40


Greetings, <name>. You look worried, but you shoud rejoice. The Frost Lord is defeated!


Yes, these shards hold the final essence of the Frost Lord in this land. We will dispose of them and banish Ahune to the nether regions of cold.

Thank you, <name>. Your name will echo in the chants of the Earthen Ring for days without end. Please honor us by accepting this vestige, a symbol of your kinship with warmth and light.

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