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Shipment: Bright Armor Relic


Closes Quests
Combine an Elemental Armor Scrap, a Bloodstone and a Huge Citrine to craft a Bright Armor Relic and bring it to Timothy Jones in Dalaran.

You can find an Elemental Armor Scrap on any Northrend Revenant.
Bright Armor Relic


A wealthy shipping concern has requested a collection of Bright Armor Relics to sell at Undermine. If you can bring me one, I can reward you with a Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token.


You will receive:
Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token
Also, you get: 74


Do you have a Bright Armor Relic for my Undermine shipment?


Here is your Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token as promised. Come back tomorrow and I am sure I will have another item I need from you!

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