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Securing the Ramparts


Slay the Rotting Frost Giant.
Rotting Frost Giant slain


As if this place weren't enough of a madhouse to begin with, we're fighting a war on two fronts up here, with the Scourge on one side and those blasted Horde dogs on our other flank!

We are here to clear a safe landing for our vessels, but a behemoth of a giant on the other side of the Ramparts is hurling debris at anything that comes close and keeping our smaller ships at bay.

I'll be honest -- he's a bit much for us to handle, but you and your companions look up to the task.


You will receive:
Sack of Frosty Treasures
Also, you get: 2 96


The giant is dead? Praise the Light!

The way onward and upward is clear. Take some of these spoils of the battle as a token of our gratitude, and we will drink together in celebration once the Frozen Throne has been ground to dust!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 4410 experience (2 64 60 at max. level)

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