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Lazy Peons


1.Lazy Peons
Use the Foreman's Blackjack on Lazy Peons when they're sleeping. Wake up 5 peons, then return the Foreman's Blackjack to Foreman Thazz'ril in the Valley of Trials.
Peons Awoken (5)
Foreman's Blackjack
Provided Item:
Foreman's Blackjack


Cursed peons! They work hard gathering lumber from the trees of the valley, but they're always taking naps! I need someone to help keep the peons in line.

You look like the right <race> for my task. Here, you take this blackjack and use it on any lazy peons you find sleeping on the job. A good smack will get them right back to work! Return the blackjack when you're done.

Lousy slacking peons...


No good lazy...

Eh? Do you have my blackjack? Did you catch any peons sleeping on the job?!


Good. good. Maybe they'll think twice before slacking next time! Thanks for the help!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 450 experience (2 70 at max. level)

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