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They're Alive! Maybe...


Researcher Cornelius has asked that you free 5 Expedition Researchers.
Expedition Researcher Freed (5)


It was a bloody mess, <name>. We were ambushed by a large pack of these spiders. Their progenitor descended upon us with incredible speed and wrapped us up in cocoons.

After we were webbed, she began to lay eggs near us. We were to be food for her young! FOOD!

I managed to cut my way out and escape but I will not leave the others behind. So far I've been unsuccessful in nearing the pass. Would you lend a hand?

Destroy those cocoons! Hopefully some of our team is still alive!


You will receive:
Venomous Silk Cover


Any luck?


You rescued over half the team! Word of your deed will definitely get back to Blood Watch and the exarch. Thanks again, <name>.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 150 experience (9 at max. level)

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