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Ghoul Frenzy


  • Class: Death Knight
Ghoul Frenzy
9% of base mana
45 yd range
Instant10 sec cooldown
Grants your pet 25% haste for 30 sec and heals it for 6% of its health over the duration.


Ghoul FrenzyMagic
Decreases the time between attacks by 25% and heals 6% every 3 sec.
30 sec remaining


Duration 30 sec
School Nature
Dispel type Magic
Global Cooldown
Cost 9% of base mana
Range 45 yards (Longer Range)
Cast time Instant
Cooldown 10 seconds
Level: 26
Effect #1 Apply Aura: OBS Mod Intellect
Value: 6
Interval: 3 seconds
Effect #2 Apply Aura: Haste - Melee
Value: 25

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