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Wrynn's Breastplate of Conquest


  • Side: Alliance
  • Disenchantable: (375)
Wrynn's Breastplate of Conquest
Binds when picked up
2369 Armor
+120 Strength
+157 Stamina
Yellow Socket
Blue Socket
Socket Bonus: +9 Stamina
Durability 165 / 165
Classes: Warrior
Requires Level 80
Item Level 232
Equip: Increases defense rating by 63 (12.81 @ L80).
Equip: Increases your parry rating by 55 (1.12% @ L80).
Equip: Increases your dodge rating by 55 (1.4% @ L80).

Conqueror's Wrynn's Plate (0/5)
(2) Set: Decreases the cooldown on your Taunt ability by 2000 sec and increases the damage done by your Devastate ability by 5%.
(4) Set: Decreases the cooldown on your Shield Block ability by 10000 sec.

This item will be converted to Hellscream's Breastplate of Conquest if you transfer to Horde.

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