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Sanctified Shadowblade Helmet


  • Disenchantable: (375)
Sanctified Shadowblade Helmet
Binds when picked up
564 Armor
+183 Agility
+183 Stamina
Meta Socket
Red Socket
Socket Bonus: +8 Agility
Durability 70 / 70
Classes: Rogue
Requires Level 80
Item Level 277
Equip: Increases attack power by 196.
Equip: Increases your critical strike rating by 114 (2.48% @ L80).
Equip: Increases your armor penetration rating by 106 (8.61% @ L80).

Sanctified Shadowblade's Battlegear (0/5)
(2) Set: Your Tricks of the Trade ability now grants you 15 energy instead of costing energy.
(4) Set: Gives your melee finishing moves a h1% chance to add 3 combo points to your target.

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