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Call of Fire


3.Call of Fire
Bring 1 Fire Tar and 1 Reagent Pouch to Telf Joolam in Durotar.
Fire Tar
Reagent Pouch


But you did not come here for a history lesson, did you? You came for the Eternal Flame and fire totem.

The first step is to create a sapta and bind you to the flame.

I can create the fire sapta for you if you bring me two items. The first is fire tar, a simple item usually carried by Razormane spellcasters in eastern Barrens.

The second item will be more dangerous: a reagent pouch from one of the cultists of the Burning Blade. You can find them in a cave above the ravines northeast of Razor Hill.


You will receive:
Fire Sapta


I have enough ingredients for a sapta of fire if you can find the reagent pouch and some fire tar. The Burning Blade fanatics carry the proper components for most of their spells in those pouches, and usually have enough of the items I need that we will not have to search much farther for anything else.

The saptas are always made from ingredients that are closely tied to their respective elements. It makes our work easier because of the warlocks' ties to fire.


These will do nicely, <name>.

Fire is more than chaos and destruction--do well to remember that. It is also about life, and creation. All things are tied together in such a way. Forces oppose one another, but at the same time, one cannot exist without the other. Both extinguish one another, but also give one another meaning. Always remember this.

Using different types of magic in conjunction with one another will show not only true skill, but great wisdom.

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