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Call of Fire


4.Call of Fire
Defeat the Minor Manifestation of Fire, and place the Glowing Ember in the brazier atop the Shrine of Eternal Flame.
Torch of the Dormant Flame
Glowing Ember
Provided Item:
Torch of the Dormant Flame


The fire sapta is finished. The time has come for you to face the flame. Use the sapta at the shrine and head to the top of the mountain to face the manifestation there. He will not attack until you are ready, but he will realize you are able to see him.

Strike him down swiftly, <name>, for he shall only grow in power the longer you take to slay him. Once he is defeated, place his glowing embers within the brazier and light the torch.


You will receive:
Torch of the Eternal Flame


The brazier stands about a third your height, and looks normal, save for the inscriptions along its smooth metal rails. The metal shows no signs of wear from the weather, and the bowl seated at the top of it feels cool to the touch.


A white hot flame ignites within the bowl as you place the ember within. You can feel the magical effects of the sapta coursing through your body and the fire dances rhythmically before you.

You place the top of the torch within the basin, and it immediately catches on fire.

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