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The Lost Fragments


3.The Lost Fragments
Bring the Torn Scroll Fragment, the Crumpled Scroll Fragment and the Singed Scroll Fragment to Theldurin the Lost.
Torn Scroll Fragment
Crumpled Scroll Fragment
Singed Scroll Fragment


The Scroll of Myzrael...the Scroll of Myzrael?! You don't want that! Its magic can pull Myzrael to the surface world and if you do that, we are in trouble!

Or...maybe it's too late. Maybe she already is free. Maybe she's just gathering strength before unleashing herself upon us. If so, then you'll NEED the scroll!

...too bad it's destroyed. Enraged elementals stole it and tore it up and now fight over the fragments.

But if you can gather those fragments, maybe we can fix it...


Did you find those fragments?!?! You'll need the Scroll of Myzrael if you want to trap her again, before it's too late!


Ah, you found them! Good work, <name>! These might be the only chance we have against the evil of Myzrael!

Just let me find my scrap-ratchet and see if I can re-attach these fragments...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 460 experience (27 60 at max. level)

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