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Imp Delivery


Bring the Imp in a Jar to the alchemy lab in the Scholomance. After the parchment is created, return the jar to Gorzeeki Wildeyes.
Parchment Created
Imp in a Jar
Provided Item:
Imp in a Jar


There is one more process required for Mor'zul's parchment; I need paper infused with Xorothian stardust. And... I'm afraid I can't do that here. I don't have the equipment!

There is an alchemy lab, however, with everything needed. It's in the Scholomance, on the isle of Caer Darrow in the Plaguelands.

I can't make the trip, but here - take this jar. There's an imp inside who is quite clever. Let him out at the alchemy lab and he'll infuse the parchment.


Have you been to the Scholomance, <name>? Has the imp yet infused the parchment with the stardust?


Ah, good. J'eevee created the parchment. How was the Scholomance? Charming, don't you think? And the bugs there... I hear they're delicious!

Well done, <name>, and thank you for returning my jar. I've had it for a long time... and it's not for sale!

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